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Clear light design with a special charisma

The different variants of the Cranny allow the subtle luminaire to be employed in various rooms, especially in the living, dining, hall, or bathroom area. The minimalist architectural design language of the luminaire makes room for the protagonist: the light. In this way, the observer’s attention is focussed on lighting features on walls, furniture or pictures. Thanks to the shared design language, the recessed and surface mounted variations of the Cranny can be combined to produce a uniform appearance.
LED-DUOLARE 230 V track – subtle and unobtrusive

If you are looking for a 230 V track which does not look too bulky and stays visually in the background, then LED-DUOLARE is exactly the right one. It is arguably the smallest 2 phase 230V track with indirect LED light, at a size of only 22 x 36mm. Simple and timeless pendant luminaires and spotlights can be mounted on the track, for lighting dining tables, shelves, cabinets or pictures. Also, no transformer is required.
Spirit of the time in lighting design

The lighting manufacturer BRUCK has come up trumps with an outstandingly designed, functional pendant light - just in time for the dark winter months. Lightweight design, precisely manufactured, high-quality surfaces and the most up-to-date LED technology - these features make the Squrve a lamp for today's smart, style-conscious generation.
The five-year warranty from BRUCK

Bruck offers a free five-year warranty for all LED products in their range. This applies to all luminaires purchased by consumers after 1.4.2015 and exceeds the statutory warranty period of 24 months.
Atmospheric lighting for dining and conference tables

With CANTARA GLAS, BRUCK has created a pendant lamp which masterfully sets the scene for modern dining or conference tables with its clear form and supreme workmanship. The minimalist design of the lamp is focused on the essentials: light that bathes the room in sensually warm or brilliantly cool light.