Dimmer recommendation
LED lights from Bruck are almost always dimmable with a phase dimmer as it is traditionally mounted in the wall, for example. So that it really works, two things have to be considered:
  1. Only a few brands of dimmers are really suitable. Please use one of the dimmers listed here.
  2. adjust after installation! The good dimmers offer different adjustment possibilities. They must be used.
If nevertheless a flickering remains, the cause lies mostly in the special condition of the house electrical system, which does not co-operate with the dimmer cleanly, at the contaminated power net locally or at disturbing influences of other consumers. In the search for solutions we support you and your electrician gladly. We are practically unaware of any cases that would ultimately remain unsolvable, but we ask for your understanding that we cannot assume any warranty.

Dimmer recommendation - This applies regardless of the exact type of luminaire:
  • Dimming setting L/C - Please adjust the dimmer according to the Bruck specification for the luminaire in the catalogue. For some dimmers this can be omitted. For other dimmers you can choose between manual setting and automatic setting. Here it depends on the experiment.
  • Set minimum load - Set it upwards until flicker-free operation is achieved in the minimum range.
  • Set maximum load? - Reduce if flickering occurs in the maximum range.
  • Neutral? (also called neutral conductor) In principle, operation with a connected neutral conductor is preferable for dimmers, but is not always possible on site. Dimmers that function satisfactorily without a neutral conductor are also listed above. Dimmers with radio interface are a special case. You always need the neutral conductor.